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Virat Kohli Promoting Football Among Youngsters In India

Virat Kohli

Undoubtedly Virat Kohli is the best Cricket batsman of the modern generation. However, the most reputable cricket player has recently shown interest in batting for the 'Fields of Dream Project' in GOA.

'Fields of Dream Project' was launched by FC Goa and Forca Goa Foundation. This is an organization to promote Football among youngsters in India and is an opportunity for a lot of youngsters who are interested in playing Football.

'Fields of Dream' facilitates the development and improvement of football infrastructure, leading to more opportunities for positive growth in the game. The project aims to transform GOA fields one at a time by partnering with organizations that work alongside communities to create a plan for the kids to play and learn the game regularly.

The main intention of this project is to start India's biggest grassroots-level Football revolution. This project is also associated with Delta Corp's limited financial support and FGF-FC.

This project will help strengthen the sports infrastructure, which will, in turn, benefit local communities and help them have, improved sports facilities and more opportunities.

In his recent interviews with Twitter, Virat Kohli offered his support for this Foundation and applauded the FGF-FC foundation for bringing up this initiative. Kohli also shared that the Foundation plans to build three new football grounds in the state. Being the best batsman of the modern generation, the player also expressed his love for playing Football. He also mentioned that Cristiano Ronaldo is his favorite football player.

Speaking about the project, Virat Kohli commented:

"The Forca Goa Foundation began assisting Indian grassroots Football six years ago. To keep the hopes of young children alive, the Foundation invested in pitches around the state of Goa, sparking a revolution. The main pillars for any sport's development and a nation's ability to compete internationally in that sport are access and infrastructure.

"Growing up in New Delhi, I faced obstacles like not having access to the best facilities; I was at least fortunate to play at my coaching center, but I also saw that many kids around me didn't have the same opportunity. The lack of access and opportunities kills a young sportsperson's dreams, and I'm very proud of our club, FC Goa, and the Forca Goa Foundation for launching the 'Fields of Dreams' program. "

Virat Kohli has also tweeted about this on his account. 'Get ready for a grassroots football revolution!' he mentioned.

With this, one has to understand how hard it will be to achieve their dreams in the sports field with very few resources, facilities, and opportunities. Although Cricket is a well-known sport in India, it is very appreciated that a very famous cricket player shares his views, supporting and offering support to others in pursuing their dreams in whatever sport they are interested in.

The revamped football grounds will help uplift the sports culture in India and Goa with the launch of this fantastic project.

This project is set to redefine Football in Goa. "Football is part of the identity of Goa," "It's one of our greatest passions. Over the years, footballers from the state have been a source of inspiration and pride. This project has the potential to make a profound impact on the lives of all Goans. I hope this project sets an example for others to come to the fore as we all look to grow together." says Pramod Sawant, CM, Goa.

This project strongly believes that the youth of India deserve a good shot at perfecting their skills and pursuing their dreams. This pilot project in Salvador is believed to have impacted about 5000 families, and the grounds in Guirim will significantly impact 20,000 people in the surrounding regions.

This project will allow children to explore and pursue their talents and dreams and thereby advance the future of Indian sports for future generations. This project strongly believes it will enormously boost football talent in the country and create many opportunities in the state of Goa.

This project is a testament to the development of the people of Goa, and its focus is to create a better sports environment for India.

'Fields of dreams' will see the development of football turfs and the provision of basic footballing infrastructure and other community facilities, including a community hall, organic food gardens, and areas for the elderly to gather. This project is a new face for how Football can unite people.

Mody, together with Mauvin Godinho, minister for transport, etc., the government of Goa, flagged off the launch event, staged in Monte de Guirim, Goa.

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