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Argentina won their third FIFA World Cup in manner. Emiliano Martinez pulled off a clutch performance in the penalties. After the end of the FIFA World Cup 2022 they released a list of rankings. Surprising the Argentina are second despite winning the World Cup. Brazil was the first choice. The tally made on basis of strength of the opponents. However there are some nations made a big ranking jump after the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Take a look of the 5 nations with highest ranking jumps after FIFA World Cup 2022:

USA football team or soccer team they say has move up in three sports. They are ranked 13th in the world after the prestigious tournament. The next World Cup is in 2023 is set to be held in USA. USA's defeat to Netherlands in the Round of 16 has set foundation for future. The USA prepares to co-host the FIFA World Cup 2026, they will look strategically invest in their future.


Famously termed as the Blue lock project. Japan won the heart of the audience at the FIFA World Cup 2022. They placed in group of death along with Spain and Germany. Japan beat the Spain in heroic comeback as their win and knocked out Germany. Unfortunately, they loss in Croatia in the penalty shootout. Japan were 24th before the FIFA World Cup 2022. They moved up four spots now their rank is on 20th.


Placed in Group G of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Cameroon have slim chances of even winning a match. The Switzerland and Brazil were the best teams while Serbia have a good squad. Cameroon managed to finish third in group and they did in an emphatic manner. Cameroon and Brazil have had quite some history in the past. Cameroon faced Brazil thrice in the past and were undefeated. This time at FIFA World Cup Cameroon managed to keep Brazil at bay. Moreover, Aboubakar scored a late winning goal as Cameroon finally broke the deadlock against Brazil. This win moved them 10 places up and now they are ranked 33rd.


It is quite unexpected but Australian Football team deserves every bit of credit. Australia moved up 11 spots to the 27th rank. The Australia second in the Group D of the FIFA World Cup. They managed to bag 6 points and go to the Round of 16 against eventual champions Argentina. What seemed one sided match was perhaps one of most exciting matches in World Cup.They even managed to force an own goal. The Australians were very close to equalizing if it was not for Emil Martinez’s superb last-minute save.


The Atlas Lions are best underdogs of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Everyone will remember Morocco's undisputed and heroic run in the tournament. Morocco were placed in Group F along with Belgium, Canada and Croatia. They ended up first and undefeated beating Canada and Belgium. Morocco then also managed to beat Portugal in the Quarter Finals. Unfortunately, they were no match for France and lost in the semifinals. Regardless, Morocco have moved up 11 spots and are now 11th in the World.

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