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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Online casinos have come a very long way since they first began popping up all over the internet. As security has become more advanced, there are increased measures in place to help protect your money.

While you can feel confident that the vast majority of online gambling sites provide a safe, reliable environment to play, there are always a few out there that should be avoided.

In this article, I’ll lay out what to look for in order to avoid becoming a victim of a sketchy online casino, or any of the other pitfalls that come with utilizing online casinos.

Don’t Stop Research at Reviews

There are various certifications and licenses that online casinos need to obtain in order to operate legally. While there may be some casinos that are operating in a legal gray area that are totally reliable, it’s still advisable to avoid these as you never know what problems might come up down the road.

If you want to feel totally confident in the online site you’re using to play online casino, taking 15 minutes to put in the necessary research is worth your time. At the very least, you can rest-assured knowing you won’t be doing anything illegal, and your money won’t be in jeopardy.

Set Time Limits

One solution that I’ve found to be particularly helpful in preventing even the slightest problematic gambling is setting a time limit when logging on. The limit can be a few minutes or even a few hours, so long as you actually stick to the plan and don’t start trying to justify additional spins, hands, etc.

When done responsibly, online casinos present a great opportunity to have fun and make some money, but it’s always crucial to understand what the risks may be when you start playing.

Payout Processes and Other Fees

At a regular casino, payouts are quick, easy, and there usually aren’t any fees associated with the transaction. Casinos have tons of ways to make money that don’t involve gambling, so these extra charges aren’t important for ensuring profitability.

If getting paid quickly is a priority for your gambling strategy, my recommendation would be to look for sites who specialize in that feature. They are out there, but keep in mind that they aren’t just doing it out of the kindness of their heart. You will likely have to play games with a slightly higher house edge, or deal with limited game options.
Regardless of how you feel about paying payout fees or waiting several days or more to get your winnings, remember that convenience comes at a cost. In my opinion, it’s still worth it if you find one that fits your needs.


Sites can ensure your safety in one of two main ways: first, they can insure your money so that if something does happen to it, you’ll be able to get it back. The second, and more preferable option, is that the safest gambling sites will have a security system in place that you can feel confident about.

Online gambling is convenient, fun, and with the right strategy, profitable. Just be sure that you don’t jump in head-first without putting in the research that it requires.

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