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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Chess is risen in popularity in India in the last few decades ago. Chess is originated from Chaturanga an ancient of India. The word chaturanga means “four limbed” referring to army cavalry, infantry, elephantry and charioty.

If you are curious about the Top 10 Indian Players here it goes :

He was called also as Vishy Anand the Tiger of Madras. He was also the top of the list. He achieved every chess players dream. He was the only Indian player who crossed 2800 marks on FIDE Rating list in fourth rank. He was also the 5 time champion of FIDE World Championship on 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012. He awarded as the first sportsperson to receive the Indi’s second -highest civilian award it is called the Padma Vibhushan and awarded also the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

Born on Guntur, Andhra Pradesh became the youngest grandmaster in 2001 after winning Commonwealth Championship. Harikrishna is represented the India seven times between the year of 2007-2012 at the Chess Olympiads.


He was born in Nashik, Maharashtra India. Vidit was the first Indian who won the u-14 World Youth Chess Championship on year 2008, gain a title of being an International Master. Vidit also secured the World Youth Chess Championship in 2009. He won his first G.M norm in the U-20 category in year 2011. Gujrathi won a bronze medal in Junior chess in Turkey.


Gained limelight in 2007when he won the U-16 Asian Championship Tashkent, he represented India in 2010 in Asian games and won bronze medal for the country. In year 2016 he was also won the TATA Steel challenges tournament three times. Adhiban also won in the 33rd Reykjavik Open tournament in 2018 at Iceland and became the second Indian to secure the title.


Another chess player from Tamil Nadu, Krishnan learned to play chess at 9 year old from her father. He won 4 times in 1999, 2002, 2003, and 2013 in the Indian Chess Championship. He went to the Hastings International Chess Tournament and he won in the game. He achieve a gold medal in the 2006 Asian Games and bronze medal from 2014 Chess Olympiad.


Currently born in Chennai, Sethuraman win in the precious Asian U-12 Chess Championship in a year of 2014 He also win at the Asian Chess Championship held at Tashkent . He also represent the India in Chess World cup and won Indian National Premier Championship.

- Hails from Tamil Nadu, the youngest Indian Chess grandmaster. He registered a victory at age of 12 years old in the U-19 National Championship. Winning the first major tournament in Chennai Grandmaster International Open he was secured his first GM norm.

At the age of 13 he achieved his grandmaster norm. He was an Indian Asian champion who beats Penatla Harikrishna’s record and also became the second-youngest grandmaster in the country of India. Parimajan Negi received his Arjuna Award and won in the 11th Asian Chess Championship in Ho Chi Minh in year of 2012.


Born in Kerala Sarin is a chess prodigy and he achieved his grandmaster title at the age of 14.He was the fourth youngest player in chess history to participate in the Elo rating at the age of 14. Nihal was also the youngest Indian play at the world cup at the age of 15 in a year of 2019. Nihal won the gold as part of Indian team in 2020 FIDE Chess Olympiad that was held in Online.

We hope this information help you to be familiarize with the Indian Chess players with their statistics and wins. For more information kindly visit the Best Casino 11ic. Stay tuned!!

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