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The King of IPL: Stats and Records for IPL 2023

the king of ipl

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed many great cricketers over the years, but one name that stands out is Virat Kohli. Kohli is known as the "Run Machine." He has established himself as the king of IPL with his exceptional batting skills and extraordinary records. As the former captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the Indian cricket team, Kohli's influence and dominance in the league have been unparalleled. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable journey of Virat Kohli, his records, achievements, and his impact on the IPL.

IPL 2023: Top 10 Player Stats and the King of IPL Standing

Virat Kohli, positioned at 4th in the overall standings for IPL 2023, played a crucial role for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). In 14 matches, the king of IPL amassed 639 runs, including a highest score of 101*. With an average of 53.25 and a striking rate of 139.82, he showcased remarkable consistency, securing two centuries and six half-centuries. Kohli's aggressive batting style is marked by 65 boundaries and 16 sixes. These significantly contributed to RCB's performance in the tournament.

In terms of historical batting records, holds the title of the league's top run-scorer (prior to the IPL 2024 season). The iconic figure of Indian cricket has amassed 7,263 runs in 229 innings. His impressive tally includes seven centuries and 50 half-centuries.

Early Years and Rise to Prominence

Virat Kohli's journey in the IPL began in 2008 when he was signed by the RCB. He quickly made a mark with his aggressive batting style and soon became a vital part of the team. In 2013, Kohli took over the reins as RCB's full-time captain. It is a role he embraced with great determination and leadership. Under his captaincy, RCB experienced moments of success and emerged as one of the most formidable teams in the league.

Unprecedented Records and Achievements

Kohli's records in the IPL are nothing short of extraordinary. He holds the record for the highest number of runs scored in the league, surpassing all other players. With his consistent performances and sheer brilliance, Kohli has amassed a staggering number of runs, making him the undisputed king of IPL batting. His ability to score daddy hundreds, as he calls them, has left the cricket world in awe.

The batting maestro has also set multiple records during his IPL career. He became the first player to score 6,500 runs as a captain in the league, a feat achieved in just 186 innings. Kohli's aggressive batting style, combined with his ability to read the game and adapt to different situations, has made him a force to be reckoned with.

The King of IPL: Impact on RCB and Indian Cricket

We can't overstate the impact of the king of IPL on the RCB franchise and Indian cricket as a whole. As the captain of RCB, he led the team with great passion and determination. Under his leadership, RCB reached the IPL final in 2016. The team consistently remained a strong contender in the league. His ability to inspire and motivate his teammates has been instrumental in RCB's success.

In addition to his contributions in the IPL, Kohli's performances in international cricket have cemented his status as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. He has guided the Indian cricket team to countless victories. Additionally, he has achieved remarkable success in various formats of the game. Kohli's commitment, strong work ethic, and relentless pursuit of success have positioned him as an inspirational figure for aspiring cricketers globally.

The King of IPL Style of Play and Technique

Kohli's batting technique is a sight to behold. He combines impeccable timing, footwork, and an extensive range of shots to dominate the opposition. His ability to play both aggressive strokes and anchor the innings when needed makes him a complete batsman. The mental strength and focus of the king of IPL on the field are evident in his consistent performances and his ability to deliver under pressure.

The King of IPL Rivalries and Memorable Moments

Kohli has been involved in several memorable moments and rivalries throughout his IPL career. One of the most notable rivalries is between RCB and Mumbai Indians (MI). The clashes between these two teams have often produced thrilling encounters. And they come with Kohli leading the charge for RCB. His battles with MI's bowlers, especially against Jasprit Bumrah, have been a treat for cricket fans.

Another memorable moment in Kohli's IPL career was his clash with Kings XI Punjab's (now Punjab Kings) pacer, Sandeep Sharma. Kohli's battles with Sharma showcased his determination and ability to dominate even the best bowlers in the league.

Kohli's Impact on Indian Cricket's Youth

The success and dominance of the king of IPL in the IPL tournament have inspired a generation of young cricketers in India. His dedication, discipline, and relentless pursuit of excellence have become a benchmark for aspiring players. The influence of the king of IPL extends beyond the boundaries of the IPL. He continues to inspire and mentor young talents to reach their full potential.

The King of IPL Future Prospects and Legacy

Although Kohli stepped down as RCB's captain after the IPL 2023 season, his legacy in the league and Indian cricket will endure. His contributions to the game have made him a legend. Kohli's records and achievements are likely to stand the test of time. As he continues to represent RCB and the Indian cricket team, fans can expect many more memorable performances from the king of IPL.


Virat Kohli's journey in the IPL has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days as a promising young talent to becoming the king of IPL, Kohli's impact on the league and Indian cricket has been immense. His records, achievements, and style of play have made him a true icon of the sport. As cricket enthusiasts, we can only marvel at the brilliance and dominance of the one and only Virat Kohli, the king of IPL.

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