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The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has said that it is reconsidering giving No objection certificate

Shakib asked for the board allowance to Play in the Indian Premier League 2021 and He openly about BCB for misinterpreting the letter and not take part in the 2 match test series against sri lanka. Then, If shakib want to play the test matches it will be considered in the coming days said AKram khan the BCB’s cricket operations chairman.

He heard what shakib said that He didn’t read about his letter. Perhaps he misunderstood his letter. He wants to play test. They will discuss his NOC in the next couple days. If he has an interest he will play test in sri lanka. They will decide about the rest after hearing the whole interview. ESPNcricinfo qouted Akram as saying.

He added about the letter so Shakib wrote about the letter that he wants to play in Indian Premier League instead of the Test series in Sri Lanka.

He also suggesting about he don’t want to play the longest format of the game so shakib had hit out at the BCB. So that, He clarified that he just want to play for the upcoming 2 match test series against Sri Lanka because we know that he wants to play in IPL to prepare himself for this year’s T20 World cup which will be played in India. Shakib said, “The two tests of their last matches in the world test championship so it is not as if they are going to play the final. So, they’re at the very bottom of the points table. So that, He thinks that he don’t makes much of a difference and the other major reason is that the world cup T20 is in India this year. So that it’s very important tournament where they have much to achieve it. There is not much to achieve in these two test. So, he think it’s better option to prepare himself for something bigger”.

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