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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

What are considered games of skill and what of chance?

How Do You Determine What’s a Game of Chance?

Playing online casino and games of luck are two terms often considered synonymous. However, there’s a significant difference between them. To be precise, games of chance (luck) belong to a broader category of gambling. Gambling, however, is divided into games of skill and games of luck.

To exemplify, Playing casino in India is both legal and illegal. How so? Well, in states such as Goa, Daman, and Sikkim, casinos can be opened. In all others, however, it is illegal to run a gambling business. But regarding digital gambling, the law is slightly different. Games of luck are strictly forbidden, barring the national lottery and horse racing.

Games of luck are all games that require little to no skill to play. They can be played for real money or as free play, and they are not limited to casinos. Games such as scratch cards and even the stock market largely rely on luck. Then, we have activities that stock market are borderline games of chance. Some examples include sports such as golf, baseball, and basketball. While there’s a certain amount of skill involved, if luck isn’t on the player’s side, they will lose.

Games of Chance – Examples


The most notorious of them all, roulette, is the most common game of luck. While boasting a great player advantage of 97.30%, roulette has a low house edge (2.70%). Exactly this perk keeps the French casino game one of the trickiest ones to beat.
If we’re being frank, it is not possible to beat roulette every time. Indeed, there are betting systems that can help while playing, but they are mostly in place to protect your bankroll.

Slot Machines

The second most popular game of chance in casinos is slots. First, slots are arguably the most numerous casino game types in the world. The allure of slots lies in their simplicity. There are essentially no rules to the game. Players stake real money and click the single available Spin button. After you tap that switch, your fate is no longer in your hands – at least slot-wise. Slots are another game of sheer chance and don’t ever think otherwise.

Sic Bo

Dice games in general enjoy an ambiguous reputation. What do we mean by this?
A dice roll is factually impacted by physics, even Albert Einstein would agree. However, to diminish the possibility of correct guesses, casinos shortened betting times. The situation is similar to that in roulette. If you apply the Kesselgucken method, you can actually quite accurately predict where the ball would land. However, rarely do casinos allow players to observe the wheel before placing a bet.

What Are Games of Skill?

What are games of skill? Some examples include blackjack and poker. However, craps qualifies as a skill-based title due to its specific rules. But as a rule of thumb, when there are cards, there’s usually at least some skill involved.
As long as there are sheets, charts, and the like to follow in order to win, skill is crucial. In slots, for example, there is nothing you can do in advance to win other than load up your e-wallet and hope for the best.


Blackjack is no chess but it’s pretty close. The world’s most popular game of skills, blackjack, is famous for its player-friendliness. Blackjack skills are learned – this is a fact.

Beginners may start with simple charts that tell you when to hit and stand. To exemplify, players should always stand against the dealer’s 2-6 if they have 12-16. Similarly, they should always split Aces and 8s, and so on. By following the perfect blackjack strategy, one tremendously decreases the house advantage


Is there any skill involved in craps? This is a somewhat controversial question because we’re talking about a dice game However, unlike Sic Bo, Craps demands using a strategy to maintain a positive balance.

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