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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


The Golden State Warriors entered undefeated on their home court during the 2022 NBA playoffs

And for three quarters of the game it looked like they would continue the heat in Game 1 of their NBA Finals journey against the Boston Celtics. The things changed in major over the course of the Final 12 minutes if force.

The stars of both team came to play like Stephen Curry led the scores in Warriors with 34 points while Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins combine the score of 44 points, nine rebounds and seven assist on their own play.

The Celtics entered in the fourth quarter in a serious 12 points to Warriors team and that was 9-0 through the first three rounds. Started with Celtics one of the best player Jason Tatum missing two to continue the rough shooting performance. Jaylen Brown was take control in the situation, when Tatum struggling in the court the Celtics put ball in his hands and started to play and play. He scored and assisted 20 of the Celtics first 23 points in the fourth quarter, and when the game is finally tied in the time of 5:40.

They outscored the Warriors 17-5 over the final to pull for a double digit win and a 1-0 lead. The final of the fourth quarter tally in the favor of Boston Celtics, That 24 point was largest in the fourth quarter in overall Finals History.

When Celtics played in all aspects in the final frame, the key factor was the 3 point shooting. Even in more impressive they have a five different players make a 3 point shooting during that stretch.

White finished 21 points and three assist, knocked down a season high 3 pointers and played defense all night long. His ability to screens and sticks like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole they run all over the court is the primary and important in this series.

As you can see the advantages and the status of the Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Let’s just see what will happen in the Game 2 best of 7 game.

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