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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Bennedict Richard Felder Mathurin was born on Jun 19, 2022 is a Canadian professional basketball player for Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association. He’s been drafted in the sixth overall in the 2022 NBA DRAFT for the Pacers.

Mathurin is a native of Quebec he grew up playing ice hockey and a quarterback in football sport. He competed in the Quebec provincial basketball. On year of 2018 he joined the NBA Academy in Mexico and he is the first Canadian player. He was considered the best Canadian prospect in the class. He committed to playing basketball in Arizona, choosing the Wildcats over Baylor.

In his college career Mathurin posted 24 points and make 11 rebounds his team win over the Washington State with the score of 86-82. Mathurin average score 10.8 points and 4.8 rebounds and 1.2 assist per game his three point shooting range was 41.8 percent. He was named also the Pac-12 Player of the Year.

Mathurin was selected with the sixth overall pick in the Indiana Pacers in 2022 NBA Draft. He was the first player of the Montreal that selected as a lottery pick. On June 25, 2022 during the interview of the post-draft interview, he discussed Lebron James stating “I want to see how great he is in playing basketball.” Possessing a strong combination of length and quickness, Mathurin had some nice moments guarding the ball when he was locked in last season but remains early in his development as an off ball defender. Measured at 6-foot-6 in shoes with a 205-pound frame and a 6-foot-9 wingspan at the 2022 NBA Draft Combine, Mathurin has nice size for an NBA small forward to go along with impressive speed and explosiveness.

On July 3, 2022 Bennedict Mathurin signed the rookie contract with the Indiana Pacers, he made his NBA Summer League debut, he was cored 23 points and four rebounds and win over the Charlotte Hornets with a scored of 96-84.  He was able to make some plays getting in the passing lanes and even blocking shots thanks to his physical gifts when the action came to him, but is still figuring out how to be a consistent difference maker

We will see the game of Bennedict Mathuri in the Indiana Pacers.

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