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When Qatar kicks off the first match of the 2022 World Cup against the Ecuador the world finally witness end result of one of the largest capital campaigns in the human history.

The Qatar minister of finance said in year of 2017 country spending $500 million per week for the projects, hotels, airports and stadiums to prepare for the upgrade the small Middle Eastern to host the world's largest sport event.
Qatar have estimated spent as much as $220 billion in more years since being the chosen to be the World Cup host in late 2010, they more than 15 times of what Russia had spent on the 2018 event.

The county is now under intense scrutiny for the hundreds, potentially even the thousands of workers who died while working on the stadium for minimal pay on the hard massive project. Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter said last week was the decision to let Qatar to be the lead host was a "bad choice."

Any potential controversy will do little slow large amounts of money being sponsored, invested, sponsored and earned during the 29 day global event phenomenon. Before the World Cup begins these are the more important dollar figures:

$42 million : This is the prize money to the team who wins. FIFA allow each team to decide what will be the share of the players that can receive the reward money.

$60 million : Reported annual value of Nike's deal to sponsor the French Football Federation. Nike has deals of various sizes with almost 13 nations in the 32-team field. Seven teams wear Adidas gear and other six teams wear Puma. New balance, Kappa, Hummel, Majid, Marathon and One All Sports sponsor one nation each.

$128 million: Highest paid player is France's Kylian Mbappe, he make $110 million on the field this year with the contract with Paris Saint-Germain and another $18 million off the field. He can earn additional bonus based on France's results in the tournament.

$209 million: The amount of the soccer clubs around the world to receive a fund set aside FIFA to reward them for developing players who play in the tournament for their respective national teams. The amount is $10,000 per day per player. It is tripled since the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

$277 million: The widely reported amount was paid by Qatar to David Beckham to serve as an ambassador for 2022 World Cup paid out installments for over 10 years.

$440 million: Total prize for the 2022 World Cup, from $400 million in 2018.

$1.7 Billion: Cost covered by FIFA for this year's World Cup, with the largest expenditures being prize money, operational expenses logistics and hospitality ( $322 million) and TV operations ( $247 million)

$1.8 billion : The amount estimated to be bet on this year's 2022 World Cup in just the US. More than 20 million Americans expected to wager in the tournament.

$4.7 billion: FIFA's expected revenue from the World Cup.

$6.5 billion to $10 billion: The range of estimates on how much Qatar spent to build seven soccer stadiums for this year’s World Cup. After the event, sections of the stadiums will be deconstructed and donated to other countries and the buildings repurposed into community space for schools, shops, cafes, sporting facilities and health clinics. One venue, Stadium 974, was built using recycled shipping containers and will be entirely dismantled and removed.

$14.2 billion: Russia’s total costs associated with hosting the 2018 World Cup, according to the Moscow Times. The biggest line items included transport infrastructure ($6.11 billion), stadium construction ($3.45 billion) and accommodations ($680 million).

$220 billion: An estimated cost of what Qatar spent over the past ten years in preparation for the World Cup. Government officials have never confirmed the number, but in 2017, Qatar’s minister of finance said the country was spending $500 million per week on capital projects.

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