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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Today, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is foreign concept in the Indian Population. The sport gets zero mainstream not just in India, but in across the world. So obviously when sport was introduced in India, the support and the foundation required to run the sport that isn’t available in the country.

We analyze the structure we need to understand these things:

The Indian MMA community has failed to build a stable mechanism for the sport is not yet organized. The Indian MMA community create a clear path who can follow to get into the world of MMA.

MMA is not a government known sports in India. That means MMA Fighters are doesn’t recognized as athletes and eligible for same benefits and support like other athletes support by Indian government. MMA is not illegal, but the same time it’s not popular. This lack of recognition had resulted and not having appropriate governing body on the sport. This means that there is no single commission that represent the MMA Indian community to the government.

MMA STRUCTURE covered with these pillars:


- the person who run the sport which is to generates businesses. The majority of the fighters in India cannot make living in MMA. Most of the fighters switch from a different combat sport to MMA. Fighters in India have time and complained about mental and emotional harassment of the organizations. They are usually signed into a long-term contracts. Most fighters in India are not highly graduated/educated. They not read the legal contracts. They are not aware what is the terms and conditions they agreeing to.


- this place can produce a fighter. The gyms provide a training require to become an MMA fighter. In India the gyms can be arranged in two kinds


- coach not only arrange the training schedule but also owns the gym. Usually gyms also develop a great fighters. They managed to train the fighter employ them in some cases and provide a place to live. Coach led team considered also provide stable who teaches not only trained professional but also keep his business alive.


Has two fighter led gyms : Own by the fighter and Not owned by the fighter.

Fighter get an opportunity to work and train the same places. They been instances fighters have tried to unite a single brand but failed to give enough funds to pay them.


- MMA promotes can be classified in two kinds the Amateur and a professional. MMA is here to stay but it’s a serious sport or a quick and people cannot judge just an sport or quick making of money.


- Largest MMA bodies in India, All Indian Mixed Martial Arts Association and ALL Indian Mixed Martial art federation that is run there own nationals and also the aspiring fighters.


- Events and organized by owners, Amateur leagues and decent taking grounds for Indian MMA Fighters.


- Super Fight League is professional MMA scene in India. SFL is hosting the annual league begins on February to March. SFL is the only player in market today, see the random promotions and there is no consistency in Market. Promotions is to sign long term with them.


- play a important role if the person wants to be a professional in a career. Then get you sponsors, fights, they also explained the contract and make your fights don’t end up by being scammed or block by the organizations.

Managers also need to clarify to the MMA Fighters what is their job will be and the fighters should go for background checking before making them as a manager.


- MMA is not a recognized sports of the Indian government. Today India has belong two major bodies AIMMAA and AIMMAF. Some organizations devoted themselves to these bodies. This two organizations have contributed in the world of Indian MMA.

I hope these guides will help you to know how the MMA start in India. For more information kindly visit the Best Online Casino 11ic. Stay tuned!!

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