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Passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar all-time scorer was a bridge to far, even all the accolades King James conquered two decade reign in the National Basketball Association white hot-spotlight. But he stands alone in the top scoring list.

With his step back fade away shot near the end of the third quarter of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder took his spot that made a history.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stepped and sky -hooked his way to his 38,387 points passing the NBA player Wilt Chamberlain in 1984, then putting record nearly out reach before his retirement in 1989.

LeBron James has no such move , falsely labeled as being not a scorer. Way of devastating consistency, claim the title- looking down on Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and also Michael Jordan in top five all-time scorers.

Scoring has become more focus even while King James begun what's expected to be his twilight. He led the league in scoring average only one time in year of 2008 two of his vest scoring outputs have come in Lakers uniform- He scored around 30 points per game in this season and averaging the 30.3 in 56 games in a year of 2021-2022.

He averaged more as a Laker player when he was a younger man. First is in Cleveland Cavaliers he was a reluctant scorer, but high volume made it such that he would do more than that. In Miami Heat, he was more complete, has a version of himself adding his ability and becoming a 3-point shooter.

During his stint in Cleveland, he found himself doing those two roles, depending on his teammates and sometimes take over or even his mood.

His gifts have always undeniable, At the age of 38 he was honored and he's still an impact player. When he entered the NBA in 2003 on opening night, league was till in the grind it out phase, when the teams scoring 100 was struggle and cause a celebration.

LeBron James negotiated his strength and skill for the natural ability, and evolved naturally as the opening things and make room for likes of himself and draft mate and became his team mate Dwayne Wade.

His greatness has endured by his hand and in team building, also has the NBA has moved faster in any point of it's nearly 80-year existence.
The one thing that’s stayed consistent is James finding ways to get to the basket or put the ball in it.

He won’t rank among anyone’s individual list in terms of a certain aesthetic, perhaps with the exception of being a devastating finisher at the rim, especially during his athletic prime.

He one thing that’s indisputable: James has claimed a record most felt couldn’t be topped.

The KING has now become the NBA-ALL TIME SCORING KING.

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