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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Anshul was raised in India. His childhood was not fixed in a particular place. His father was a part of Security force and this meant that every three years they had to go from one city to another, they go in Delhi, Bihar, Rajasthan, Bengal and Punjab. And his hometown is Uttarakhand and became his home.

He grow up getting bullies because he made a lot of pounds on his sixth grade. This is what Anshul drove into sports. Anshul had an impression that he go to sports to stay fit and started his journey on the outdoor sports like football and volleyball. He was also love the mathematics subject and gave time to teach children. At the age of 17 he was decided to pursue the Combine Defense Services Examination (CDSE) but he came across into Combat Sports.

It was in the gym when he started his first MMA class it was near in his hometown. That’s why he was completely exhausted and decided to train very well. He was ready to give his own blood and sweat to make his sacrifices for sports.

In the span of four years, Anshul’s record in amateur MMA circuit was 13-0. His first 7 fights came in first three years, his six fights happened in six months he was getting serious about the sports.

“Amateur is the toughest part to me. In one day I will go on into two-three fights. At times I win a fight and get injured in the same day. We learn a lot of things because amateur are not treated how it should be treated. The important thing is about we learn new things.”

He believed in passion about the MMA in India and Jiu-jitsu and believe that he was working towards that. He was his dream to become a fighter to make his country proud. He believed he wants to stay fit and injury free. His dream was pretty big and he’ll working hard to achieve them.

He was one of the Indian that is selected to Road to UFC in Southeast Asia debut in Singapore in June.

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