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IPL 2021: First set of people to arrive for Quarantine

"Its’ Quarantime and the #Knights are checking in for the season!

The beginning of the camp is just around the corner...”

As tweeted by @KalkotaKnightRiders on twitter last March 21, 2021.

KKK posted in social media and share it

their fans that they already arrived at the team hotel.

Players started their quarantine period last March 20, 2021. Kalkota Khight Riders (KKR) the two-time Champions have started their quarantine mandatory in Mumbai for the upcoming 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) season.

First set to arrive at the hotel included the former skipper Dinesh Karthik , Varun Chakranvarthy, Kamlesh Nargorkoti,Rahul Tripathi, Sandeep Warrier and Vaibhav Arora.

Assistant Coach Abhishek Nayar, and assistant bowling coach Omkar Salvi are also joined players for quarantine.

West Indies players Andre Russell and Sunil Narine will also join them soon, while some of the other players quarantine details are not yet finalised.

As BCCI sent out full Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for all the staff and players for the upcoming big event. It is very indeed a strict rule that all the staff and players will follow all the quarantine rules. Which all players will be tested multiple times before they can go out from the quarantine area.

IPL 2021: Will players enter quarantine ?

According to BCCI it is clear and always be an SOP for IPL players to go under quarantine, but for those who are from bio-bubble will not undergo week-long quarantine.

Just like Ishan from Mumbai Indians, since he’s from a bubble to bubble transfer he is considered not to go under quarantine and he may start his preparations for IPL 2021.

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