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Improve your betting skill by 11ic blog

As we all know the casino are always have the upper hand but this doesn’t mean that you cant take steps to improve your skills and limit the house edge advantage.

There are some of them I will show you by choosing that in the right game and using some solid basic strategy the odds will be close to your favor as possible and take a advantage of all the player rewards and promotion available to you and you can get a fair gamble in just any casino.

*Which Game is Right for you?

The biggest factor is how well you know the game that you are playing the best odds are always going to be the games where the house has its lowest advantage as it Is known in the gaming industry.

Classic games like blackjack and craps offer a fair gamble at at reasonable price while the other games like poker tend to hold much of higher percentages but offer huge payouts.

Table Games

when you are looking for a good gambling games then table games are the best stop for you as they offer you the one of the best attractive odds and payouts of anything in the casino but also always remember that all tables are not alike.

Blackjack -- Blackjack is one of the most oldest games in the casino and very easy to learn and pickup, when choosing a black jack game set of rules before you start a game as a online casino has a wide range of rules and payouts from table to table.

This is a small playing cards guides you a perfect a basis strategy to follow, picking up one strategy before playing and make sure that is the best strategy to reduce the house advantage as much as possible.

Craps -- Carps this is another classic game in most online casino this game offer the most excitement and if you play correct there is a chance of winning all bets but avoid all side best if you want to win in craps.

If you bet the pass line and take full odds on an established point. Your odds bet will be exactly even money bet the original pass line bet falls in the house favor. You can take odds on your original bet that are 50% - 30% proposition which is among the best in the casino

Carnival Games -- In the online casino industry its not always about the blackjack , Craps or Roulette. We call them carnival games because they tend to be much more entertaining than the the basics and generally offer huge odds based payouts that seem very attractive to a player.

As generally if any game is offering a huge payouts than its obviously the game will be hard, The big flashy numbers are ways of casino way of distracting players that the games hold can be high as 30% or more compare this to blackjack and carps were the hold can be as low as the single digits and you will quickly see why should invest your money some where else

Slot Machines -- We all probably know that slot machines are not great investment, some machines offer a decent enough gamble that they are worth a shot if you prefer to play the machines over the machines over the table games.

Vide Poker -- video Poker is the real slot machine that Is going to offer the odds that are somewhat reasonable some of the video poker even returns as high as 99% of what they bring,

As you see the above table those are the pay-table differences here can make a major differences in how much a machine pays out many casino will offer machines with several different play tables but most of them only have very few of higher pay table machines available.

Poker -- is one of the you have sustainable edge in the online casino because you are playing against other players and not against the house .

There are also side rakes, sometimes called promotional pots, that the casino also collects. Make sure that you are aware of how much the poker room is taking for this promotional rake, and how it is paid out. Almost all jurisdictions require the casino to pay back 100% of these funds to the players, but that doesn’t mean all payouts are the same.

You need to be very careful when choosing to play at rooms that offer promotions like this. If you aren’t going to be able to get the hours required or won’t be in town or available to play in the event, you should avoid playing in a room that takes a promotional rake that you pay into and can never collect on.

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