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Updated: Feb 20

wagering requirement

If you are ready to play and start hitting the online casino, you need to learn new things and all about WAGERING REQUIREMENTS. This is a comprehensive guide to bonus wagering requirements to discover:


Wager is just a simple word, it is simply a bet. A wager refers to the amount of money you stake with each hand of cards and a sports match. It also refers to the amount of money that you bet overall, in session, or specific time period.

wagering requirements

When you register at a new online casino or take advantage of a promotion at one you already play with, you'll encounter any number of bonus offers. These include free bets, free pins, and also cash bonuses.


The wagering requirements work is different for the bonus type. In cash bonus, you need to bet specified multiply the amount before you can able to withdraw any bonus or any related winnings.

For example, you take a Casino bonus with the wagering requirement of 30x thus means you have to thirty times over so you can be able to withdraw your earnings. You may also deal with requirements when you wager free spins.

Free bets usually come with requirements as well. Depending on the Casino, you might have to deposit a certain amount before you collect the bonus or only bet on sports with certain odds.


Calculating a wager is a simple formula. Simply plug in your numbers with a baseline.

Follow this formula: (Bonus amount) X (Wagering requirement) = TOTAL BET

Let's say you deposited 500rs

You deposit 500rs and your wagering requirement is 1x

This will be how the formula will look: 500 X 1 = 500

However, it depends on the online casino. You may encounter promotions with a required turnover. Your initial deposit is also included in the wagering requirements, and the formula might be able to be changed:

(Bonus Amount) + (Initial Deposit) X (Wagering Requirement) = TOTAL BET

This will be high, but it is not difficult to meet.

You can use the winnings from the bonus money to make wagers. If you make them smartly, you can beat the requirements and have a bit left over at the end.


In order to meet and beat your wagering requirements, you have to understand the subtler nuances of how they function and learn to play the smart way.

Terms and Conditions

When you have the chance to claim some welcome bonus money or another promotional offer, read the terms and conditions very carefully.

The fine print will inform you about all the strings that come attached to the bonus offer, including what the wagering requirements are and what you need to do to beat them.

You'll generally have to make a minimum deposit to receive the bonus in the first place.

You could have to use a certain deposit method to claim it and have a limited amount of time to use it. Every online casino is different, and they all have different rules and regulations when it comes to meeting the requirements.

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