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11ic app is the one most the betting app that is new and trend today. You can make deposit and get bonuses after getting recharge. Using this application you can access easily the games you want to play. This app offered you your favorite live casino games including live betting, sports betting and you can see your favorite cricket games.

The app is having a simple design so you can recognize it. You remember the nice and calmly light green color. We just improving more the application so the members enjoy and have their best betting experience. It was created to everyone who wants to enjoy their life and needs a betting players.


11ic app offers to work in two mobile version in Android also in IOS, meaning you can have the application whatever phones you have. For android players you can see the Apk version of the app so you can download and installed it. For IOS users the same steps should be completed, clicking the app download button, players will have then download a configuration to download the application.


The process will not be difficult so you can download the application fast and hassle free.


1. First you need to enter the website and find at the bottom of the page. 2. Second click the button “App Download” 3. Last step is download the APK version from the page you will redirected to.


First, you need enter the website and click the App download button.
Second, click the button to take you to a new page
Third, the window will open to download the configuration and players should click the allow option
Last step, enter phone settings, locate the new profile and install it.

The systems required for Android so you can download the 11ic app is 8.0 android system or higher can use the mobile application. When it comes to IOS it should be IOS 9.


The mobile version of the 11ic has a simple and calm design. 11ic app has a mobile version and it is separate to those desktop users. Everything is well-organized and when it comes to performance of the application it is good. The deposits and withdrawals in the mobile version has an easy access. During the testing the app is very responsive. Sometimes the app is slowly reconnecting in the sportsbook option but it will fix right away.

The 11ic app offers you a better gaming application so you can enjoy betting while your home. All the players can wager and make withdrawal of their earnings. 11ic offered a quick deposit and withdrawal method. They also provide a well-trained customer service to assists the clients to answer their questions and quickly solve the issues about the application.

11ic app have a welcome bonuses of 100rs once you've done registered. You will receive a many deposit bonuses. App offers you to the risk-free bets in cricket and Loss cash back casino bonuses. It showing that 11ic app provides many promotions for the Indian players.

As 11ic is an Indian platform , Cricket is the most popular among the Indian bettors but 11ic app will give you an additional twist you can bet also in Sports like football, tennis, and also have the live casino games like Baccarat, Andhar Bahar, Sic bo, Lottery and many more games.

There are so many available Payment Methods in 11ic app. You can deposit and withdraw using the Bank transfer, Gpay, Paytm, Amazon pay and many more. The 11ic app offers you also the USDT payment you can deposit and withdrawal using the USDT.

The minimum deposit using bank transfer is 500rs and the maximum withdrawal is 5 lakh ( 500,000rs ) . Here is the good promotions in withdrawal you can make multiple withdrawals in a day. Make sure that one at a time of apply.

The minimum deposit of USDT Payment is 13 USDT it rounding off into Indian rupees in converted into 1000 rs.

You can enjoy the fast approval of the deposit and withdrawal payment. You can assure your payment and earnings it will safe credited in your account.

When it comes to the promotions, you can check in your profile. You can see the best offers that 11ic app can give it to you.

You don't have to worry in your transactions you can see it also in your profile the transaction record section can help you once you have the problem regarding on your bonuses not credited, you can go to customer service so they can help you to resolve your problem.

11ic app will give you your best casino experience. This app will help you to earn while your in home.

Have fun and play 11ic!
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