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India has become one of the most popular crypto-friendly countries in 2021. The investors from all over the world trade their visual tokens in the Indian market.

Interest in cryptocurrency in India was caused by the Supreme Court’s decision in 2020 to revoke the ban on trading digital tokens in 2018. Teenage involvement in virtual finances has led to the adults interest increase in India. People started to search about the detailed guides on how to invest crypto in India.

The cryptocurrency boom in India has become a big surprise for some. Despite the questionable status of the cryptocurrency in India. The market has been actively growing because of the unstable position in government. Experts mentions this reasons:

1. Low internet costs
2. Soaring real estate prices
3. High taxation on metals like gold
4. High inflation rates in India

Another influential factor is the global pandemic. The COVID-19 affect the economy which led to the fall of traditional assets in their value.

The Best Crypto Exchanges In India

Successful crypto trading can’t exist without a user friendly and secure exchange. In online casino has prepared the top 3 exchange apps to buy cryptocurrency in India.


The experts mention this exchange as the most successful in India. Users have access to peer to peer transaction option. This exchange technology manage a million of transactions with minimum risk of hacking. This application available for iOS,Windows and Android users.


This exchange is the most suitable for leading cryptos in industry. BuyUCoin is used for trading such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others.


This exchange has been actively used in India since 2018. The platform’s central purposes is to provide user friendly space with access to possible financial products.

How to buy crypto coins in India?
  • Find the perfect cryptocurrency;

  • Register an account on the exchange platform;

  • Fill in all the needed information;

  • Invest money to the personal fund;

  • Buy your first cryptocurrency.

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