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The year 2022 has been fantastic for sports. The greatest stars in the world have returned to entertain their fans while they themselves also well-compensated. The Highest Paid Athletes of 2022 list by Forbes might have been familiar for decades, but some names are surprising.

Athletes nowadays are not bound to obligations restricting movements. Permitted to pursue their personal aspiration plus their personal careers. Check out the highest-paid athletes of 2022 that is listed below.


To put Lionel Messi's to have a $130 million salary in perspective, he makes $75 million on field and make another $55 million for sponsorship and his other revenue. He has worked in several brands like Adidas, Budweiser and Pepsi Co. He is also the face of Hard Rock International and he also represents the brand in public.


In 2022, four time NBA champion and Finals MVP James earned almost $41.2 million with Los Angeles Lakers and had many endorsements deals it so it makes him the NBA highest paid player.

James and Professional rapper Drake have a share in A.C Milan football club in Italy in August 2022. While announcing his endorsement with in October, James also sold a minority position in production company, SpringHill.


In 2022, Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. reportedly receive $70 million from Paris Saint-Germain. The Brazillian superstar receive a sponsorship deals with Puma and Red Bull, among others worth total of $25 million in addition on his earnings.


The winner of five Ballon d'Or awards has a $60 million deal with Manchester United before Premier League club canceled it during the 2022 FIFA World Cup break.
The 37 year old Ronaldo has more social media followers than any other athlete, he earns fortune in his online profiles. The Portugal captain signed lucrative endorsement deals with major companies such as Nike, Clear shampoo and Herbalife.


Reported to have a contract of $48 million from Golden State Warriors, four time NBA Champion Stephen Curry has been highest paid player in league since 2022.
The Under Armour, Nike, Rakuten and Nissan endorsement deals help 24 yea old to have a $40 million annually.


Kevin Durant's 2019 salary with Brooklyn Nets to have been about $42.9 million, he continues this much currently too. Durant is two-time NBA Champion. In October 2022, joined fellow professional players LeBron James as an investor in professional pickle-ball club.

Durant has second highest footwear deal in value among active players with Nike in $28 million. LeBron James is only one to rake more than that.


20 time Grand Slam champion announced his retirement in September of 2022. Federer had been out since 2012 due to knee ailment. Swiss superstar have only played once 2022, but with endorsement deals with major brands like the the famous Rolex and clothing brand of Uniqlo and he still earned more than any other tennis player.


Canelo Alvarez, a Mexican boxer has won world titles in four different weight classes from middleweight to light heavyweight. Over $40 million was earned after he won two pay-per-view matches in May and November.
Alvarez successful in ring but also he was run a food business in Mexico, he runs a popular Taco restaurant.


After winning record-tying seventh Super Bowl in 2021, Tom Brady called it quits on professional American football career which is lasted all of six weeks. In 2022, at age 44 he earned $30 million from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The great quarterback is a co-founder of several successful businesses, including 199 Productions, the NFT platform, and Autograph. After his playing career ended in May 2022, Tom Brady reportedly signed a ten-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports to commentate on NFL games.


The Milwaukee Bucks superstar is only player in his twenties to be in the Top 10 highest paid athletes list. In December 2022, the MVP player signed five year contract with Milwaukee Bucks, which at the time was best paying contract in the NBA history.

As a result of Giannis’ efforts, his club won the NBA championship for the second time in 2021. Major endorsement deals with companies such as JBL, Tissot, 2K Sports, Hulu, and Nike help the Greek Freak bring in another estimated $40 million annually.

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