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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks and advance to the NBA Finals with score of 120-110 in the Game 5. Giving the opportunity to win in their seventh championship in the franchise history.

The Warriors heading to the finals for the sixth time in eight seasons. The Mavericks hung around early and made run at the end of the third quarter to cut the single digits scores. But they never led on the night. This one was all for Golden States Warriors they played by team one of their most completed game of this postseason. They have limited turnovers and assisted on the 36 of their 45 points made baskets.

Klay Thompson was the Western Conference MVP turned back the clock with his best moves in the game of the series, pouring eight 3-pointers and 32 points to lead in the Dallas Mavericks. Six in the Warriors scored in the double figures, including Andrew Wiggins, who was standing for 8 points and 10 rebounds in a strong performance.

Luka Doncic have a rough start but he make fire on the third quarter of the game and lead Dallas comeback attempt. He finished with 28 points, nine rebounds and six assists. And it also added 26 points off the bench from Spencer Dinwiddie . And it’s biggest takeaways from Game 5

Stephen Curry walk away with the Finals MVP trophy in the Western Conference Finals. Today was Klay Thompson time. He led the Warriors with 32 points. Forget about the two missed seasons. There was moments that Klay struggle on the floor. His defense it’s not working. He shot below 40 percent from the fields from Valentines day up to March 22. We seem it’s finally comeback of the Klay Thompson this year. It’s a Killer Move. Klay nailed it!

So we need to wait the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals and who’s team they going to beat the Boston Celtics or the Miami Heat. See you on the NBA FINALS 2022

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