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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


- is a rare live casino game that set a showcase in a large, colorful and best entertaining studio that includes main money wheel like a dream catcher game. There is a top slot above the money wheel and it compose the four interesting bonus including the Pachinko, Crazy time, Coin Flip, and Cash Hunt.

The Crazy time game is easy to play and it’s a big money wheel. There is a host in the game that will hype you to enjoy the game. The wheel has 54 portion and it contains the a number either 1, 2, 5, or 10 or a bonus game.

The crazy time has a random multiplier that appears in every round both the top slot and the money wheel spin at the same time. Top slot determine one random multiplier and random bet spot-- either it is a number or a bonus game. When the money wheel stop the flapper announce the winning segment at the top of wheel. Your winnings are multiply in depends if the Top Slot was precise to it’s particular spot.

If the money wheel stop at the bonus game, the bonus segment will start. If the Top slot multiplier won in this portion, the bet will be multiplied with the desire bet.

Get to know on the CRAZY TIME BONUS:

- If the money wheel stops at Coin flip, A red and blue multiplier will announced. A machine or tool flips a coin comes with the red and blue side. That side you bet ends up decide on what you win.


- is like a shooting gallery with 108 random multipliers. Multipliers ate covered by the random symbols. Each player will select own target in this bonus round. The players can win in different multipliers.


- is a drop-down game. This bonus game features a big wall with 16 drop zones and in the top the 16 random multipliers on the landing at bottom zone. 500x is the bigger multiplier, but the multiplier can fall multiple times for much biggest multiplier.


- It is the most beautiful bonus in this scenario. It is the large money wheel fortune with not less than 64 segments that will appear. Special multiplier will be have each segments. The crazy time has a different virtual wheels that is offers a “double” and “triple” segments there are some offer higher multipliers to make the game more fun and exciting. There us a random selection for wheel in the start of the bonus round.

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