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English Willow Cricket Bat: Top 10 Picks for Cricket Excellence

English willow cricket bats are globally recognized as among the finest cricket bats available, and it's not just hype. These bats are crafted from a specific type of willow wood known as English willow, which are primarily grown in the UK. Such bats have eventually earned their stellar reputation. They're prized for their top-notch quality, impressive performance, and long-lasting durability. 

Crafting an English willow cricket bat is a bit of a process. First off, the raw willow clefts, which are basically sections of tree trunks, get a thorough grading based on how good they are and their potential performance.

Cricket fans recognize the crucial impact a cricket bat has on a player's performance. Out of the many choices, English Willow cricket bats are favored for their unmatched quality and performance. Whether you're a pro or just playing for the fun of it, having an English willow cricket bat is like having a special tool in your kit. It's a prized possession for any cricketer who wants to step up their game and shine on the field.

In this guide, we explore the top English Willow cricket bats that have captured the hearts of players and cricket aficionados worldwide.

English willow cricket bat

Top English Willow Cricket Bats

1. Gray-Nicolls Legend English Willow Cricket Bat

The Gray-Nicolls Legend is a work of art in bat design. It is crafted from the highest-quality English Willow. This bat features a robust profile that provides players with outstanding power and control. The strategically placed sweet spot makes it a perfect option for assertive players who enjoy taking control of the game.


  • Easy pick-up with a unique blade shape.

  • Generous 39-40 mm edge thickness.

  • Roomy, low-profile bat ideal for those who prefer front-foot play.

  • Sleek mirrored design.

  • Handle crafted from 12 top-notch cane pieces, ensuring a connected feel to the blade.

  • Sweet spot strategically placed at mid and mid/low bow for optimal play.

  • Experience maximum power with an ideal balance.

  • Enjoy enhanced control with the new double-texture 'Zone' grip.

  • Comes with the Gray-Nicolls Authenticity Hologram.

  • Free padded full-length bat cover.

2. Gunn & Moore (GM) Diamond 909

Gunn & Moore has a strong tradition of making top-notch cricket bats, and the Diamond is a shining example. This bat is carefully crafted for precision, featuring a sizable sweet spot and a well-balanced weight distribution. Loved by both pros and casual players alike, the Diamond is praised for delivering reliable performance every time it hits the cricket pitch.


  • GM presents an esteemed and globally renowned line of cricket bats.

  • Ideal for matches at both club and county levels.

  • Boasts 6-10 straight grains for quality craftsmanship.

  • Weighs between 1175-1225 grams.

  • Impressive edge thickness ranging from 39-42 mm.

  • Offered in the Senior/Mens SH size.

3. New Balance TC1260 English Willow Cricket Bat

New Balance has marked notable progress in the cricketing arena, and the TC1260 stands as proof of their dedication to excellence. This bat seamlessly blends classic craftsmanship with a modern twist. This bat provides players with a mix of power, precision, and a touch of style. If you're into making stylish strokes, the TC1260 is the go-to choice.


  • Crafted from carefully chosen Grade A English Willow.

  • Bat weight ranging from 1180 to 1220 grams.

  • Features 12-15 straight grains for premium quality.

  • Equipped with a round handle for comfortable grip.

  • Boasts curved edges with an edge thickness of 38 to 40 mm.

  • Utilizes a Sarawak Cane Handle for excellent shock absorption and power.

  • Impressive huge edge with superb rebound quality.

  • Includes an NB Authenticity Hologram for verification.

  • Comes with a complimentary padded full-length bat cover.

4. Kookaburra Kahuna

The Kookaburra Kahuna remains a timeless and popular pick, having proven its durability over the years. This bat is renowned for its sturdy construction and remarkable power. It holds a special place in the hearts of aggressive batsmen. With its distinctive design and top-notch English Willow, the Kahuna stands out as a dependable companion for cricket enthusiasts on the field.


  • Limited Edition - Showcasing the Best of Kahuna Style.

  • Personally selected and graded by Kookaburra's Master Bat Maker.

  • The go-to shape for all Kookaburra International Players.

  • Crafted from Professional Unbleached English Willow - Perfect for Test Match and First Class Cricket.

  • Robust spine and substantial edges create an expansive hitting area, with an imposing swell for powerful strokes.

  • Features a "Dynamic Power" Shaped Face for enhanced performance.

  • New Lime "Max" Grip designed for a secure top-hand grip and flexibility for players' bottom hand.

  • Powerdrive - 12 pieces of carefully selected cane handle for essential control and power.

  • "Kookaburra Pre Prepared" (KPP) - Naturally Dried English Willow for improved performance and durability through "Air Drying" Seasoning.

  • Handcrafted with the skilled expertise of a traditional bat maker.

  • Includes the Kookaburra Authenticity Hologram.

5. SS Ton Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

The SS Ton Reserve Edition is a symbol of top-notch quality and performance. Crafted from hand-picked English Willow, this bat brings together power and finesse seamlessly. With its premium build, it's the go-to choice for professional players aiming to elevate their game.


  • Handpicked Grade A English Willow by SS.

  • Packed with AllPower yet remarkably light, weighing 1100-1080 grams.

  • The SS TON Reserve Edition showcases 8-12 straight grains.

  • Edges boast a thickness of 33-35 mm for added power.

  • Remarkably concave edges for a distinct profile.

  • Equipped with a special scale grip on the bat handle for optimal control and comfort.

  • Features a 9-piece Saravak combination cane handle for effective shock absorption and powerful hits.

  • Exhibits super rebound quality for an impressive performance.

  • Comes with the SS Authenticity Hologram.

6. Spartan MC Legacy

The Spartan MC Legacy is a bat that radiates both power and style. Meticulously engineered, this bat is crafted for delivering maximum impact on the cricket ball. Its unique shape and high-quality English Willow construction have made it a preferred choice for players aiming to make a bold statement on the pitch.


  • Grade 1 English Willow

  • Showcases a well-balanced mid-range profile with a traditional-style spine for a classic look

  • Crafted with a round handle composed of nine pieces of cane and rubber

  • Highlights a consistently large edge profile for powerful shots

  • Features a flat, wide face with a slight curvature

  • Weighs between 2lb 8oz and 2lb 12oz

  • Includes the Spartan Wave Multi Grip for improved handling.

7. Adidas XT White

The Adidas XT White bat seamlessly blends a sleek, minimalist design with high-performance features. Despite its clean appearance, it packs a punch with a well-defined sweet spot and excellent pick-up. Players who appreciate a modern, uncluttered look without compromising on on-field performance often favor this bat.


  • Constructed from high-quality Grade 1 English Willow

  • Showcases a full spine profile and ideal balance

  • Boasts substantial edges ranging from 36 to 40mm for an ample hitting surface

  • Optimal middle to low sweet spot for superior performance

  • Includes an oval handle for a comfortable grip

8. MRF 1CT99110 Genius Chase Master

The MRF 1CT99110 Genius Chase Master is crafted with precision, ensuring excellent craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Its handle, made from premium Sarawak cane, offers a comfy grip and effective shock absorption to minimize vibrations when connecting with the ball.

Ideal for players who love a dynamic playing style, this cricket bat lets them confidently pull off a range of shots. It adapts smoothly to various playing conditions and excels on both fast and slow pitches.


  • Weighing between 1180-1250 grams

  • Short Handle Size

  • Made from the finest English willow globally

  • Boasting a classic player's profile with a significant swell and excellent pick-up

  • Serving as the prototype for bats used by MRF brand ambassadors

  • Material: English willow

9. Sg King Cobra Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat

The SG King Cobra Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat stands out as a top choice for professional cricketers chasing peak performance. Crafted from Grade 1 English willow, it brings robust strength and responsiveness to the game. Featuring a classic shape with a slightly concave profile, this bat ensures stellar balance and easy pickup. Its thick edges and expansive sweet spot empower players with the ability to unleash powerful strokes. The premium Sarawak cane handle not only provides a comfortable grip but also minimizes vibrations. Trusted by elite players, the SG King Cobra Grade 1 is a dependable and high-performing bat, celebrated for its exceptional quality and the capability to deliver impressive shots on the field.


  • Box contents include 1 Cricket Bat with Cover.

  • Crafted from English Willow, it is of Grade 1 quality with 6-8 grains.

  • Requires knocking and comes with a cover, but does not have a toe guard.

  • Suitable for playing with a leather ball, weighing between 1060-1100 gm, featuring a medium sweet spot and spine profile.

  • Designed for an all-round playing style.

  • The bat is made from the world’s finest English willow, hard-pressed, and traditionally shaped for superb strokes.

  • The handle is crafted from Singapore cane with a unique 3-way cork insertion between splits, providing enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.

10. SG KLR Xtreme

The SG KLR Xtreme Cricket Bat with a Short Handle is a top-notch choice. It is perfect for professional players seeking exceptional performance and superior craftsmanship. This bat is meticulously crafted through a collaboration between SG and the renowned Indian cricketer KL Rahul. This bat seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern innovations. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate enthusiast, the SG KLR Xtreme Cricket Bat delivers outstanding performance, power, and precision on the field. Take your game to the next level with this premium cricket bat that embodies the skill and finesse of one of the game's finest batsmen, KL Rahul.


  • Exceptional Quality

  • Designed for maximum stability when playing shots

  • Tailored to meet the requirements of international players

  • Crafted from the world’s finest and rarest top-grade English willow


Selecting the best English Willow cricket bat is a personal journey that requires various thoughtful considerations. It requires your playing style, preferences, and budget. Each bat on this list brings something unique to the table, catering to the diverse needs of cricket players. Whether you're a professional cricketer or an enthusiast playing for the love of the game, investing in a top-quality English Willow bat is a step toward elevating your performance on the cricket field.

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