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Cricket Mat Price: Buying Guide and Tips

Updated: Feb 21

Cricket is a traditional sport that many people around the world love. The pitch, where players play the game, is the most important part of the game. While some people prefer natural grass pitches, cricket mats have become very useful for training and as an alternative to grass. There are many different types of cricket mats, and it can be hard to know which one to choose and how much it will cost. This guide will help you understand more about cricket mat prices and how to pick the right one for you.

cricket mat price

Cricket Mat Price: Understanding the Factors

Before diving into specific cricket mat price ranges, let's explore the key factors that influence the cost of a cricket mat:

  • Material: The material used, be it coir, artificial turf, or a combination, significantly impacts the cricket mat price. Coir mats are more economical, while artificial turf offers better bounce and durability, often at a higher cost.

  • Size and Thickness: Naturally, larger and thicker mats cost more due to increased material usage. Choose a size that accommodates your needs and playing area. Standard lengths range from 3 meters to 22 yards, while thickness varies from 20mm to 40mm.

  • Quality: Mats with higher quality, including better stitching, reinforced edges, and UV protection, typically come with a higher cricket mat price tag than basic options.

  • Brand: Reputable brands often charge more. This is because they have an established reputation and committed to quality control.

  • Features: Additional features, such as portability and roll-up options, can influence the cricket mat price. Pre-marked creases are another factor that can affect the cost.

Cricket Mat Price Ranges: A Glimpse into the Market

Now, let's delve into the typical cricket mat price ranges you can expect for different types of mats in India:

  • Coir Mats: Budget-friendly options start around ₹3,500 for smaller practice mats. They can reach ₹35,000-₹70,000 for full-length pitches. Popular brands include SG, SS, and MRF.

  • Artificial Turf Mats: Prices vary greatly depending on quality and size. Basic practice mats start around ₹7,000, while high-end, professional-grade mats can exceed ₹700,000. Popular brands include Khelmart, Gray Nicolls, and MRF.

  • Combination Mats: Offer a balance between affordability and performance. Expect cricket mat prices between ₹14,000-₹140,000 depending on size and features. Popular brands include Slazenger, Spartan, and SG.

Brand Breakdown: Data-Driven Insights

To empower your decision-making, here's a data-driven comparison of popular brands. This comparison spans different price ranges:


  • SG: Offers value-for-money coir mats, like the SG Test Pitch (3m x 1m) starting at ₹3,800.

  • SS: Provides affordable options like the SS Coir Practice Mat (3m x 1m) starting at ₹3,600.

  • Khelmart: Their Basic Artificial Turf Mat (3m x 1m) starts at ₹7,200, offering a budget-friendly entry into artificial turf.


  • MRF: Renowned for quality coir mats like the MRF Full Size Pitch (22 yards) priced at ₹45,000. Their mid-range artificial turf option, the MRF Practice Mat (3m x 1m), starts at ₹12,000.

  • Gray Nicolls: Offers the GN Cricket Mat (3m x 1m) in artificial turf at ₹14,000, known for its durability.

  • Slazenger: Their popular Slazenger Club Indoor Cricket Mat (3m x 1m) at ₹18,000 is a good combination option.


  • Khelmart: Excels in high-end artificial turf like the Khelmart Ultimate Pro (22 yards) priced at ₹720,000, catering to professional needs.

  • Spartan: Known for premium coir mats like the Spartan Full Pitch (22 yards) priced at ₹65,000.

  • SG: Offers premium combination mats like the SG International Pitch (22 yards) priced at ₹70,000, combining coir and artificial turf.

Beyond Price: Choosing the Perfect Mat

While price plays a crucial role, consider these factors for a truly satisfying purchase:

  • Playing Level: Are you a beginner, casual player, or serious cricketer? Choose a mat that aligns with your skill level and needs.

  • Playing Ground Surface: Will you use the mat outdoors, indoors, or both? Opt for weather-resistant materials if using for outdoors.

  • Bounce and Pace: Do you prefer a fast or slow bounce? Different materials and qualities offer varied playing characteristics.

  • Durability: Consider how frequently you'll use the mat and choose a material that withstands wear and tear. Higher quality materials (thicker coir, UV-treated artificial turf) offer longer lifespans.

  • Portability: If you need to transport the mat, portability features like roll-up options and carrying handles are essential. Also, consider mat weight (thicker mats are heavier).

Pro Tips for Savvy Buyers

Here are some valuable insights to optimize your cricket mat purchase:

  1. Set a Budget: Determine your spending limit beforehand to narrow down your search efficiently.

  2. Compare Prices: Research across different retailers to find the best value for your money.

  3. Read Reviews: Look for user reviews and expert opinions to gauge the quality and performance of specific mats.

  4. Consider Used Options: Used mats can offer significant savings if they're in good condition.

  5. Don't Neglect Aftercare: Invest in appropriate cleaning and maintenance tools to ensure your mat's longevity.

  6. Research Playing Surface: Will you use the mat indoors, outdoors, or both? Choose weather-resistant materials if used outdoors.

  7. Measure your Playing Area: Ensure the mat size accommodates your needs comfortably.

  8. Factor in Storage: Consider available storage space and choose a mat with portability features if needed.

  9. Average Lifespan: Coir mats: 2-3 years; Artificial turf mats: 5-7 years (with proper care).

  10. Maintenance: Coir mats require less maintenance (occasional brushing). On the other hand, artificial turf needs regular cleaning and brushing.

Level Up Your Game: The Value of the Right Mat

Remember, a cricket mat is an investment. It can significantly enhance your practice and playing experience. By understanding the factors influencing the cricket mat price, choosing the right material and features for your needs, and following these valuable tips, you can find the perfect cricket mat that empowers you to bat like a pro!

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