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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


One of the main aspect of the CASINO is the security side of the operations due to the big amount of transactions that place within the venue every day but what exactly does the security of the casino entail?

Security is very detailed part of a casino because it is essential in protecting the money, employees and also the players of the casino itself. The risk of the crime, theft, and behavior is higher on the premises of the casino than the other retail because of the large amount of money passes through the casino and is kept on site at the casino.

The old casino days the security was consisted a bulk of security guards who were on hand to deal the trouble that is happening. However the industry became more profitable and more money poured in the casino it became clear and the improved technology can measure and required to deal with crime.

Casino now is on modern era made up a physical team consisting of trained security professional and the closed-circuit television system (CCTV). Physical team can deal the issues in the casino floor and keeping an eye on the proceedings. The CCTV is act as eye in the sky. Can keep an eye on attempts to break the rules in casino. The evolution of the technology has also seen number of the other system that is introduced at the casinos across the world, from the ID verification scans to ensure that nobody that is under age enter the casino and elaborated with face recognition software to help and identify any suspicious and black listed that have enter their premises.

Bizarre security technique used in the casino is far more passive one. Just simply watching and waiting. The armed security person takeover of cages can be a terrifying experience. The culprits often tracked by the CCTV and eye witness as evidence of spending habits and activities of the suspect can trace due to chips and cash stolen being marked and also link in the casino.

At the end of the day, casino business are setting up to make profit.

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