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 KYC process by 11IC BLOG

KYC is a necessary procedure in a online casinos. It helps casino to identify the player and be sure they are not involved in any illegal activities. This way the casino can provide a safe environment for all the players.

The KYC process is also called as “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER” process and it used by most of the online casinos to identify their customers. There are some online casinos that do not require verification. The process usually includes two steps: Identity verification and address verification. In cases, an online casino will ask you to provide proofs.

The identity verification requires the player to provide proof, which can be done by the any government issued ID, passport or driver’s license. The second step of the KYC process the players require to provide the bank statements that show the same as the information on their provided ID.

Other casinos require downloading the documents only in case for players withdrawal request. Does not mean that such casino don’t care about verification, they simply do not want to bother the players with documents right away.

It is important to verified your account and approved before placing any real money for bets. Verifying your account from the very beginning won’t protect you from some online casino scams, but it will benefit in case you are dealing with let’s call from casinos.

This is a tip. Contact the casino customer support team email them or you can contact them via live chat ask them what is the documents needed. It will be a good idea to take screenshots of your messages.

A list of documents you can be asked

Proof of identity. One of the following: ID, passport or driver's license. Proof of identity documents are super basic and all online casinos that require verification will ask for them.

Proof of address: One of the following: a bank statement with your name and address on it or a utility bill (phone, gas, electricity etc.) with your name and address on it. Proof of address documents are not required all the time. However, you have to keep in mind that a casino can request them so plan accordingly.

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