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Advantages of Exchange betting

Advantages of exchange betting by 11ic blog

At the beginning when exchange betting was introduced at turn of the century everyone believed it would be a new revolution in the sports betting and lead to the demise of the bookmaker and certainly it made a major impact on the sports betting industry , it became very popular with bettors but it hasn’t replaced betting with bookmakers.

Exchange betting is also known as peer to peer betting which is a accurate description of what it is , its a basically about betting against other individuals, rather than a bookmaker.

Advantages of betting exchange is reasonable odds, making bet exchange have a tendency to provide odds as opposed to standard online betting website this is more often with the long shot bets which generally carries better odds at exchanges such exchanges look at long shot bets as easy money and offer fair odds to attract more players, but standard sports book provides unfair odds in order to reduce the risk of loosing money hence its is better to place odds at betting exchange as they offer good deals and one must keep in mind that minimum commission needs to paid in case

There are two major advantages which exchange betting has over traditional sports betting the biggest of these is that you can lay (it will loose) selections , this is isn’t option where you can find while betting with a book maker and it opens up lots of new opportunities for making money

For example if you want to bet on upcoming cricket tournament and you have picked three matches likely to win it but cant decide which one is the one who will win so you could back all three matches but best case scenario is that you win one wager and lose two along with exchange betting you could lay a few other matches also this way one of you three picks does win and you will win all your wagers

There is obviously some risk is involved as one of the player you lay could go on to win the tournament, but you should be happy enough with risk if you are confident enough in your picks you have added the benefit of potentiality making money even if one of your picks doesn't win you still win all your wagers providing tournament is won any player that you haven't laid

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