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baccarat guide by 11ic blog

One of the popular among the online casino and offline casino games the gamed of the rich and has its own history, Arising from Italy this game spread to France in the 1400s. baccarat can be found very easily in the every casino and n the online casino this is the best chance to join the wealthy gamblers club and play with them , baccarat may be look confusing but the rules are relatively simple .

Baccarat has three different versions but the most common one is Punto Banco in this version a player can place his bet on three possible outcomes or a player has 3 options to place his bets which is Player, Banker and Tie, The terms player and banker doesn't mean it is the better and house, they are just betting options in most casino in the baccarat game allows the player to do something where as the other games in the casino you cant do anything, players can take turns while dealing with this cards whereas two hands are used in baccarat which is the dealers hand is known as the banker and the other hand is known as the player players can place their place their bet on either if these two given options.

The two cards are dealt with both and player and the banker and the cards are assigned as in the following values

Player who is playing baccarat has the highest number in his both cars will be the winner, totaling the scores in this game unique , however the score is calculated by adding the two cards value and ignoring the tens spot for example if player has two cards with the number of 8 then the total will be 6 not 16 baccarat ranges from 0 to 9 and the best number is 9 and the worst is 0

A player can place bet either player or banker or tie if the player place bets on the banker and win they payout will be 1 to 1 , if a player places a bet on the player and win the payout will be 1 to 1, minus 5% commission if a player bets on a tie and win the payout will be 8 to 1 .

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