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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Top 5 tricks in poker

When it comes to the poker games strategy most of the people describes about the concepts like stack sizes , hand selection, playing the bubble and navigating the different stages.

1 . Check Raise More Often on the Flop

Many players like to play continuation bets when they flop this is sometimes also known as ABC poker because the player want to appear stronger after betting pre flop.

But the problem comes when the players automatically bet a large portion of flops without ant regard for the checking the raising option, always check raising is great way to steal pots when you are isolated with a single opponent, This especially gains value when a tournament is in the later stages and you need to keep picking up chips to stay alive.

Check raising a perfect play to combat opponents who bet too often but what hands should you consider using this play with on the flop. You can really confuse opponents by check raising both with strong cards and the bluffing hands, the key is to pay attention to the board texture and watch for players who can bet the flop of habit.

2 . Don’t Make Automatic Bets

When you are a player you never want to be your every bets to be flop. Its been fixed that in many tournaments players that one has to defend their blinds mainly when the game reaches the final segment but never let pre flop aggression force you into an automatic bet.

You can especially avoid these situations in multi way pots that is the last thing you want to do is bet with marginal holdings against the multiple payer who could call or re raise you.

These are some of the important questions to ask yourself before betting in a tournament :

* How aggressive is your opponent ? The more aggressive they are, the more likely they’ll call or re raise you.

* Which player has the strongest hand range ? You don’t want to bet a tight player who has great cards.

* How does the board relate to your opponents hand range? If it does correlate at all, you have a better chance at forcing fold.

* What will the opponent call if your betting for value ?

3 . Understand Equity Realization When Defending Blinds

Defending the blinds is an important part of the middle and late stages of poker tournaments, cant afford to donate chips when the blinds are increasing.

Many players will be trying to defend their blinds include pro players with almost any hand because they are usually getting the good odds, always defend your blinds just because the good odds or no especially if you are not taking the equity realization account.

Equity realization deals with your chances of winning both the hand and your share of the pot enough to make it a wise ling term decision, in contrast this concept figures your ability to win hands when you’re out of position the reality Is that most of the players going to win hands out of position, even when they are getting excellent odds.

Few Examples :

* Blinds are at 100/200

*you’re holding 4 5s

* Everybody fold around to the button who raises 2.5x the big blind

* Your equity is 27% (300/1100)

You only need to win one out of three times in this situation to earn a long term profit but your hand combined with being out of position doesn’t necessarily make this a great spot to defend your blinds.

4 . Be Selective with Your 3 Bets

In the online poker there are 3 betting which has become a common as player look to create a best profile and steal more hands and need to raise with a wider hand range than just premium card to be a successful player.

As there is a problem with the 3 betting to often is that average tournament player has learned how to defend wit well timed 4 bets and no one cares when you stole the last pot with a re re raise when you’re getting trapped with a 4 bet every other time.

Many player are clueless when it comes to factoring in how their stack size affects re raising opportunities. Having at least 15 big blinds gives you a large enough stack size to push the initial raiser out of a hand mainly if they have a small stack and playing a wide range.

The one more good time to 3 bet is when the tournament is approaching , you can really take advantage of middle stacks of this point because they don’t want to take risk their comfort position by calling or betting betting with marginal holdings.

Main thing you need to note is the 3 bets can be backfire also.

5 . Known How to Deal with Poker Tournament Downswings

The point of studying the poker strategies is to become a better player and tackle the situations using this strategies and Improve your chances of winning and no matter how much your learn the strategies there will be some downswings where you have to suffer through.

Three main factors affect you wen you go through the loosing periods :

* Your skill level

* Field sizes

* Variance

You can control the first two factors by studying the poker strategy and entering the games with small medium sizes

Variance is something that you cant control because luck is also part of the poker sometimes the cards don’t come your way. These times can be some difficult and make you question on your skills the key is to maintain your confidence level and continue making good decisions

Always a better plan is to think long term knowing that you can gradually win back your losses by playing good poker you can also continually build your skills by learning from our mistakes.

Finally being a good poker tournament player means combining both common and little-discussed strategies. Only when you do this will you become a complete player who’s capable of winning money on a consistent basis.

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