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Lionel Messi opened the scoring for the Argentina in what practically the first big chance for the team in the entire match. Julian Alvarez doubled Australia's lead on a mistake by Mathew Ryan the Australian goalkeeper. There were nervy moments in the game but Argentina held on to their 2-1 goal to make it in the quarter finals.

On this article, you will read the highlights of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Argentina VS Australia.

Players of the both teams are out of field for their national anthems. Round of 16 between the Australia and Argentina begins with former showing their attacking mode. Nahuel Molina unleash a cross field pass to lack powers and the ball is out of play. Argentina miss their opportunity to goal.

The referee shows a yellow card to Jackson Irvine of Australia for his rough tackle on field he will be missing the next game. Argentina miss out again to another opportunity to goal as Papu Gomez produces a shot which goes over a post of goal. Australia enjoying the majority of the possession. Both teams are hungry to get a goal.

Harry Soutar's of Australia unleash a good header which beats the goal keeper but the other team defender alert and averts for the upcoming threats.

After a few moments Lionel Messi gets a goal and take a lead 1-0 against the Australia. Messi release his brilliant shot on the bottom left corner to give the Argentina their first goal breakthrough. Lionel Messi complete his 1000th game. The Argentina captain provided his side with their first goal.

Milos Denegek will be missing next game as he get a yellow card by the referee Szymon Marciniak for another rough tackle. In the half time, Lionel Messi rises to provides Argentina with their opponent at first 45 minutes.

A goal keeper of Australia Mathew Ryan makes a brilliant save as his efforts to put another Messi's goal attempt. Messi unleashes a power shot towards the middle goal but Ryan stops it.

Julian Alvarez gets the easy attempt to goal and comfortably put the ball in the nets and give Argentina their 2-0 lead. Ryan beaten by Alvarez. Christian Romero commits a rough tackle on field which result the referee giving a free-kick to Australia.

Finally Australia get a goal from Craig Goodwin releases a shot from edge of box and ball goes past Emiliano Martinez. The team needs to score again a one more goal to level up the scores.

Lionel Messi delivers a good pass to Lautaro Martinez but his shot send the ball over the post of the goal so the Argentina team miss again their third goal. Messi deliver again a shot but the ball goes to left post leaving again disappointment to the team.

Argentina beats Australia in score of 2-1 in the Round of 16 of the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. Argentina enter into quarter finals while Australia gets eliminated.

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